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Thursday, December 14, 2006

moo.fx javascript effects library for prototype.js or mootools framework.

moo.fx is a superlightweight, ultratiny, megasmall javascript effects library, to be used with prototype.js or the mootools framework.
It's very easy to use, blazing fast, cross-browser, standards compliant, provides controls to modify any CSS property of any HTML element, including colors, with builtin checks that won't let a user break the effect with multiple, crazy clicks. Optimized to make you write the lesser code possible, the new moo.fx is so modular you can create any kind of effect with it.

more information on moo.fx:

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Terminals the right answer for Remote Desktop Connection

2 friends of mine Dudu shmaya and Eyal Post wrote a great tool "Terminals".
"Terminals is a multi tab terminal services/remote desktop client. It uses Terminal Services ActiveX Client (mstscax.dll).The project started from the need of controlling multiple connection simultaneously."


Dudu's Not So Smart Builder Blog:

Eyal's Blog:

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Prototype Event Extension: Event.wheel(e)

Frank Monnerjahn created a Prototype Event extension which makes it trivial to use the mouse wheel in Prototype with Event.observe(..).
The demo shows this in action.
The Code:

* Orginal:
* prototype extension by "Frank Monnerjahn" themonnie

extend(Event, {

wheel:function (event){

var delta = 0;

if (!event) event = window.event;

if (event.wheelDelta) {

delta = event.wheelDelta/120;

if (window.opera) delta = -delta;

} else if (event.detail) { delta = -event.detail/3; }

return Math.round(delta); //Safari Round




* end of extension


var counterSite=0;

function handleSite(e) {

counterSite += Event.wheel(e);

$('delta').innerHTML = counterSite +'#'+ Event.wheel(e) + ": " + (Event.wheel(e) <0 ? 'down' : 'up' );


var counterDIV=0;

function handleDIV(e) {

counterDIV += Event.wheel(e);

$('divdelta').innerHTML = counterDIV +'#'+ Event.wheel(e) + ": " + (Event.wheel(e) <0 ? 'down' : 'up' );


Event.observe(document, "mousewheel", handleSite, false);

Event.observe(document, "DOMMouseScroll", handleSite, false); // Firefox

Event.observe($('divdelta'), "mousewheel", handleDIV, false);

Event.observe($('divdelta'), "DOMMouseScroll", handleDIV, false); // Firefox

Sunday, December 3, 2006

W3C DOM vs. innerHTML performance

On of the most important issue developer has to think of when he writes WEB 2.0, AJAX application is JavaScript and browser performance.
I found great test page that intended to find out which method of generating large amounts of content is fastest in the browsers. Of course the results differ significantly from browser to browser.
W3C DOM vs. innerHTML
I hope this link will help improve your client code performance.

More information on JavaScript performance can be on:
The Microsoft Internet Explorer Weblog

Unlocker the tool for you

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There has been a sharing violation.
The source or destination file may be in use.
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Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use.

Unlocker is the solution for you
Download and information:

Tools and Software Components for the .NET Framework

Every developer loves Tools and Software Components that make his life easier.
On of the most updated list of tools, that also explain each on of them, can be found under:

Enjoy :-)

Understanding and Solving Internet Explorer Leak

Web 2.0 application use a lot of JavaScript code, so it's really important to understand how to write your JavaScript code in order to avoid browser memory leaks.
Great MSDN article on this issue can be found:

More information can be found:

Drip is a nice tool that help find IE memory leaks:

Developer Notes for prototype.js

Here is a great link that have full explanation on prototype.js, can used as Developer Notes.

JavaScript AJAX framework prototype dissected

Detail every method and property that was available on prototype AJAX framwork: